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A little about us

Who are we?

The Recovery Club is a pro-recovery peer support space, designed to motivate, inform and share experiences of recovery.

Everyone is welcome, whether you're working through your own eating disorder recovery, feel confused about your relationship with food, or are curious about how to help a loved one.

If you're not sure where to start, we'd recommend our blog: written by people in the recovery community sharing their own experiences. On our resources page you can find books, podcasts and social media accounts to motivate and inspire you.

We hope this community can provide comfort and solidarity for anyone struggling with an eating disorder. However, if you think you might need professional help, please have a look at our support page. 

Hello! We’re The Recovery Club: a peer-s
Although it can feel like it, you’re nev

The story behind

The Recovery Club

Hello! I’m Tasha. I’m a 25-year-old writer and MA student, living in London. I’m also in recovery from anorexia. 


An eating disorder doesn’t come with many silver linings, but one thing I’m grateful for is the wonderful men and women I have met along the way, many of whom I still consider close friends. In treatment, I came across people from all walks of life. We differed widely in our interests, backgrounds, ages, and in the nature and severity of our eating disorders. However, we were all united in our desire to recover, and our entrapment in illnesses that we didn’t fully understand, but which we fought tirelessly, some days more successfully than others - but always together. 


Although physical connection isn’t possible at the moment, and treatment for many is on pause, it is this spirit of support and solidarity that I hope to capture with The Recovery Club. I want it to be a space of understanding, inspiration and ultimately community, because I know that for me, it was the glimpses of shared experience and camaraderie that got me through - whether a knowing smile over a hospital-canteen ice cream, or an uplifting Instagram post on a difficult night. 

Although it can feel like it, you’re never alone when you’re recovering from an eating disorder. There are so many others who have been there, or are there - and understand. I hope this community goes some way to help you feel less alone, encourage you to keep going, or make you smile. Together we are so much stronger. 

Tasha x


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