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Poems About Recovery

Featuring work by Rachel Cleverly and Ananda de Jager

Hot Air Balloons

Anorexia, Psychosis and Recovery

Tina McGuff, author of Seconds to Snap, shares her recovery story 

Oversized Fashion

A Letter To My Body

Beautiful words by Daisy Buchanan on finding body acceptance


Letting Go Of Numbers

We give numbers so much power over us. How else could you measure your worth?


Calories On Menus Would Be A Disaster

Emma shares her fears about the government's plans to enforce menu calorie counts


Our Recovery


A mother and daughter share a hopeful story of anorexia and recovery

Girl with Tiger

Letting Go Of My

ED Identity 

Katie Alice shares the joys (and fears) of rediscovering her identity outside of anorexia 

Driving Uphill

Recovery Isn't An Ending: It's A Process

Natasha Devon gives an honest, moving account of her recovery from bulimia 

Banana Pattern

Recovering In A Disordered World

The challenges of healing your relationship with food in a world obsessed with diets


Practicing Self Care in Recovery

When you have an eating disorder, self care is uncomfortable, but vital


No Such Thing As "Sick Enough"

Mimi Cole writes about the importance of validating 'subclinical' disorders


It's Time To Dump The Scales

Hope Virgo on why eating disorders are about so much more than weight


Looking After Your Mind in Lockdown

Pushing on with recovery through uncertain times.


What is Peer Support?

You might have heard us talking about peer support. Curious about what that actually means?


Connor's Story

Men get eating disorders too. Let's start talking about it. 


Supporting Your Loved One

How to support your loved one through eating disorder recovery


It's Not About The Food

Rory explains why it's important to acknowledge feelings in eating disorder recovery


5 Things I've Learned From Therapy 

Georgie shares the lessons she's learnt from her recovery journey so far

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