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The Recovery Group

Find out more about our new peer support group. 

On Christmas Eve, The Recovery Club held its first peer support group. Since then, the group has gone 

from strength to strength, and now meets regularly on a Tuesday evening. 


If you'd like to join us, or would just like to know what on a peer support group actually is, here's some

more information:


What is The Recovery Group? 

The Recovery Group is a peer support group. This means that instead of being run by a therapist, individuals with shared experiences come together to support one another. 

In this case, we all share a complicated relationship with food, exercise or our bodies, and a desire to move towards a place of recovery. 

What happens in the group? 

Every group has a similar format. We start with a check-in, where each person goes around and introduces themselves, checks in with how they're doing and shares anything they'd like to bring to the group regarding their week or recovery more generally. We then move on to an open discussion based around a weekly theme (previous themes have included 'motivation' and 'self-compassion'). 

In the last fifteen minutes, we do a 'check-out', where each individual checks out with how they're feeling at the end of the week, and shares anything they didn't get a chance to say or would like to add before we finish. 

Who runs the group? 

The group is facilitated by Tasha, who has recovered from an eating disorder. She's an expert by experience, but has no psychiatric or therapeutic training. 

Who can join? 

Everyone is welcome in this group, regardless of where in the world you live, what your difficulties with food or exercise look like or how severely you're struggling. You don't need a diagnosis or any specific knowledge about disordered eating or eating disorders - all that is required is that you are willing to show up and listen. 

When does the group take place? 

Currently, the groups runs every Tuesday at 6pm (GMT). If the group gets any larger, we'll have two separate groups (one on a Tuesday and one on a Wednesday every other week) - but for now it's only Tuesdays. 

Do I have to come every week?

Nope! There's no commitment. You can try it out and never come back if it isn't right for you - or you can pop in every so often when you're having a difficult week. Some people come every week and others prefer to attend more infrequently. 

Are there any rules? 

To make the group a safe and supportive environment for all, there are a few rules that we all try to stick to: 

  1. Please try to join the group on time. If you need to leave early that's fine, but if possible let us know when you check-in at the beginning of the group to avoid unexpected disruptions. 

  2. Although it's important we create an environment that feels open and honest, please avoid sharing any specific details that could be triggering for others. This includes:

    1. Numbers: calories, weight, hours of exercise.  

    2. Detailed descriptions of a disordered behaviour
    3. Exact details of the amount of food you eat in a day.

How do I join? 

If you'd like to join the group, or just find out a bit more information, drop us an email at and we'll send you a Zoom link. 


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