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  • What is The Recovery Club?
    The Recovery Club is a peer supprot community for anyone going through recovery for an eating disorder, and for their carers and loved ones. We have an Instagram and website (although you've probably worked that out by now) where we share content to motivate, inform and share experiences of recovery. We have some exciting plans to grow the community and to facilitate off-screen conversations when it's safe to do so - watch this space!
  • Do you need to have been diagnosed with an eating disorder to be part of the community?
    No. Eating disorders exist on a vast spectrum, and a diagnosis doesn't legitimise your experience or right to support. Although focused around eating disorder recovery, our content is rooted in core principles of self-care, body acceptance, and finding food freedom and liberation from diet culture, which we hope will prove useful whatever your life experiences. The community is also a resource for anyone supporting friends or family in recovery, or for for those who want to learn more about eating disorders.
  • I'm looking for psychological or nutritional support for my eating disorder. Is this the right place for that?
    For nutritional and therapeutic support in your recovery, we'd really recommend seeking help from a professional. The Recovery Club is a motivational peer support resource, and while our writers all have personal experience of eating disorders, none are certifiable dieticians or psychologists. If professional support doesn't feel possible for you right now, The Recovery Club is a great place to start and we're very glad you're here. To find out what support options are available to you, head to our Support page.
  • Can anyone contribute to The Recovery Club?
    Absolutely! We'd love to hear from you. Get in touch at or via the form below.
  • What kind of thing can I contribute?
    We're open to anything you'd like to share about recovery, in any form! If you're stuck for ideas, how about reviewing your favourite recovery podcast or writng a poem about your recovery experience? We can keep your submission anonymous if you'd prefer. We only ask that you avoid sharing information that could be triggering for others, like specific numbers or detailed descriptions of behaviours. We're a pro-recovery space, so any material promoting eating disorders that might be unhelpful for someone in recovery won't be uploaded. It's not always easy to find this line, and we want to create an environment where people feel they can speak openly about their eating disorders - so if you're not sure if what you've written could be triggering, the best thing to do is ask!
  • What should I do if something on your site makes me uncomfortable?
    We try our best to ensure that our content is positive and pro-recovery, but we might not get it right 100% of the time. If you think we should review something, let us know. We're always happy to receive feedback. If something on here makes you feel triggered and you need support, head to our Support page.

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